We are a lifestyle accessories brand defined by an intrinsic connection with the natural world & our native surroundings. We take ‘The Road Less Traveled’ 

What we do

Inspired by nature, we design and make bags and accessories that combine natural materials, timeless design and boutique craftsmanship.

Our core products are bags and accessories, but we have big plans for the future. All our products are sustainably produced and handmade.

Why we do it

We’re passionate about enhancing lifestyles with beautiful design whilst having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Re-use, recycle and repurpose is central to our business so we consider sustainability in every design, operation and delivery decision we make.

We pride ourselves on being honest and open, and that starts with our customers. We add the personal touch of good old fashioned customer service built on fantastic quality, manufacturing and sustainability. All KOVERED owners can expect lifetime help and support on an individual basis. We want to succeed in customer service where others seem to fail.

Where it began

A love of nature and a passion for technology brought together a small collective of engineers, designers and environmentalists.

We set out to design with nature in mind and provide unique products that help people reconnect with their environments and live their adventures. We strive to find better ways to design, make and deliver products that are conscientious in the way they are born and the affect they have on the world around them.

We started by providing phone cases made from sustainably sourced wood, it wasn’t long before people fell in love with them. Word got around, demand increased, and KOVERED was born. We became a phone case specialist with an online shop on Etsy. Now we’re a fully grown company with a range of products, our own website and a growing family of customers, suppliers and partners who share our vision.

We are on an adventure and we hope you will join us.