Lifetime Guarantee

Built for life

It's a pledge we're proud of

We design and build our bags for the long term, both in style and structure, and we want them to last a ‘lifetime’. So we offer a unique three-tier peace-of-mind pledge with very bag.

The guarantee

We trust the quality our workmanship. If any part fails, return the bag to us and we will repair or replace it. We cannot cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage, but if a zip breaks, a handle clasp snaps, or a fastener comes loose, we are here to put it right.

Lifetime repair service

We have access to a network of artisans skilled in canvas and leather repair, from stitching to gluing, metalwork and reconditioning If your bag needs a repair, send it back to us and our partners will repair it cost effectively for you.

Use and care support

We like what we do and we’re here to stay; after all, we make timeless heritage bags that never go out of style. Email us and we will be happy to advise you on the use and care of your bag.

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