What’s new ? The Autumn Winter Collection by KOVERED

What’s new ? The Autumn Winter Collection by KOVERED

The clocks have rolled on back in the UK and so too have the temperatures. The “longest” summer in 40 years might have faded away, but what’s new with KOVERED and what’s worth a visit in the new collection?

Here’s a condensed guide to the latest collection available online.

 For starters we’ve launched a range of new lines, two backpack range, two overshoulder bags, one universal laptop stand and two new phone cases styles…. to be precise.


Whether your an urban explorer, digital nomand or backpack enthusiast.. our latest range of upcycled ethically hand finished bags are now live. We’ve made a few adjustments based on our tribes Feedback (thank you to all 10,000+ of you now wearing one of our bags).

Key New Features

  • New clasp connectors for easy access
  • Improved magnetic button connectors for strength and durability
  • Increased waterproofing and leather treatment finishes (further details here)
  • Extra pockets and clip points for re usable waterbottles / tech / life stuff!

Overshoulder Luggage
It’s the rerun of the long awaited laptop overshoulder with adjustable and removed straps, all our designs are 100% unisex and we support this in all our practices. Our new overshoulder range includes two styles. The main difference is portability and pockets with the Medway bag suiting the those looking for extra pockets and storage space.

 Key Features

  • Light or Full options depending on the application
  • Can fit up to 17” laptop in Full version
  • Adjustable and removable overshoulder strap for hand carrying
  • Durable multi zip and extra pockets for all your “stuff”

Universal Laptop Stand

Our new ultra thin travel laptop stand is a breakaway from the usual accessories. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo the ergonomic design allows for functions and portability . Weighting under 400grams we wanted to launch something which allows easy set up whilst remaining minimal.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight at under 350grams
  2. 100% ethically sourced bamboo
  3. Universal fit with pre set engineered height to reduce back strain (no medical advice given!)
  4. Folds away into ultra thin <10mm thickness

Snap-on Phone Cases 

Back to our roots! It was time we launched a new material in a fully recyclabled PUC shell case. We’ve worked for 2 years on the design and finish bringing a real stone material with style to the mass market. After 18 months of trials and tests, we’re proud to launch. Watch this space for spin of ranges from this unique 3M backed material.

Key Features

1.Ultra lightweight and durable

  1. Unique styling made from REAL yes REAL stone
  2. Shock and scratch proof shell built for life’s adventures 

We’re also pleased to announce that in Spring 2019 we have some big news and a release regarding our forthcoming Crowdfunding project. Sign up to our seasonal mailing list here to keep in the loop and register for exclusive pre sale and tester products.

Thanks for the support so far

Kind Regards,

Team Kovered

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