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Backpack or Messenger bag: Which is right for you?

Backpack or Messenger bag: Which is right for you?

It can be difficult to work out which style of bag is the right one for you. This decisions usually boils down to Backpack or Messenger bag. We’ve delved into the details of each to help you make the right choice based on what you need.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are landscape orientation, which means the opening is on the widest part of the bag. This bigger opening is easier to access, can fit in laptops and other big items and enables you to see everything clearly so you don’t waste time digging around looking for what you need.

The single strap on a messenger bag allows you to swing it around your body without removing it. The ‘messenger swing’ again gives you quick and easy access on the go.

Finally, messenger bags generally make less contact with your body, as they stay  by your side. This allows your back to breath more easily, resulting in less sweat during the summer.

While the single strap is great for easy access, it does mean that the weight of your bag is carried all on one shoulder. This can get uncomfortable with long periods of use, and could exasperate and back problems you currently have.

The design of a messenger bag means they generally don’t come with huge amounts of capacity - you won’t find a 60 litre one on the market. However, if you’re buying with day-to-day use in mind, you probably won’t be carrying huge amounts around with you anyway.

Messenger bags do come with a bit of a reputation for being less stable than a backpack. If you’re moving, especially on a bike, they can swing around and get in the way. However, if you buy some stabiliser straps, this doesn’t t have to be a problem.

Kovered’s picks: The Medway Messenger Bag, The Mersey Messenger Bag


The two straps on a backpack make them perfect for carrying heavy loads. The weight gets evenly distributed across your shoulders, making it more comfortable to wear and better for your back and posture over time.

Backpacks are also more suited to a wide range of activities - from just commuting to work to long outdoor hikes. This versatility means you’re likely to only need the one style of bag.

Backpacks sit vertically on your back, so they’re easier to pack well for larger loads or weekends away. The weight can be loaded nearer to the shoulders making it easier to carry, and any overspill can be strapped easily to the outside of the bag.

Although we just went through all the positives of a backpack sitting on your back, it can be a problem if you’re security conscious. You can’t see what’s going on behind you, making them an easier target for pickpockets.

Backpacks are ‘portrait’ in orientation, which means the opening of the bag tends to be smaller, while the body of the bag is usually quite deep. This can make it hard to reach the bottom, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Lastly, backpacks tend to have a bad name in office environments. They’re seen as the less smart option, and don’t always pair well with a suit and tie. However, opinion is starting to change, and with vintage styling from kovered, who’s to say your backpack isn’t the smart timeless option.

Kovered’s picks; The Tamar Macpack, The Thames Rollover, The Taw Rollover

Overall, when it comes to picking between a messenger bag and a backpack is comes down to what you’ll be using it for on a daily basis and the features you’ll need for that. Whatever you decide though, Kovered have a great range of both - all in our protective waxed canvas.

Top 10 Essential Festival Items.

Top 10 Essential Festival Items.

It is officially festival season! Our last blog on the best boutique festivals in the UK has got us excited for the summer. So we’ve pulled together all the essential festival gear you need. This way, all you need to worry about is creating amazing summer memories.

  1. The perfect backpack

First of all, you need the right backpack to take all your festival kit with you. Our bags at Kovered perfectly combine style and function. The Tay Rollover gives you space to neatly keep all your belongings, as does the Tamar macpack with its two interior pockets. All of our bags are made from waterproof waxed canvas, so everything will stay protected while you party away.

2. The lightweight tent

Boutique Camping have the best range of lightweight bell tents that come in a range of designs. Rainbow, bright aztec prints, palm leaf, leopard print - there’s something for everyone. And, it means you’ll be able to spot your tent in a sea of others when you make your way back from the mainstage at night.

3. The toasty sleeping bag

Lets face it, you may not want to spend loads on a sleeping bag when it’s likely to get covered in mud. However, you want to be warm enough so that you don’t freeze overnight. Milestone have a great budget sleeping bag that will still keep you snug enough to help you sleep through the late-night partiers.

4. The portable chair

The Therm-A-Rest Treo chair is tiny and lightweight, making it super portable to and around the festival site. You’ll be so smug when you can rest your feet between acts. Plus, it comes in a range of cool bright colours.

5. The environmentally friendly glitter

A festival staple for many, glitter can make a festival outfit - however it is horrible for the environment. Eco Glitter Fun have a great range of biodegradable vegan glitter that also comes in plastic free packaging. So you can shine on with a clear conscience.

6. The plastic-free toiletries

Part of the fun of festivals is everyone looking (and smelling) and little worse for wear by the end of the weekend. But while the showers may not be great, you can still look after yourself. Check out our previous blog on plastic-free toiletries for everything you’ll need.

7. portable speaker

We all know festivals are all about the music, so why should the part stop when you’re back at your tent? The Braven 105 portable bluetooth speaker is small, but packs a sound punch. And, like all the best festival items, comes in a range of colours.

8. The Rain Poncho

Unfortunately, UK festivals also means UK weather. Don’t worry though because Field Candy have you covered - literally. Their fun rain ponchos come in a range of designs from neon colours to a watermelon. Bound to brighten up any storm.

9. The power bank

You’ll want your phone to make sure you preserve all of those festival moments, as well as help you find your mates when you lose each other going to find the toilets. This power bank charger has a solar panel and will keep your phone charged all weekend.

10. The wellies

Last but not least, the absolute festival staple - comfortable but sturdy wellies. Keep it classic with a pair of Hunter’s in black.

5 of the best Boutique UK Music Festivals for 2019

5 of the best Boutique UK Music Festivals for 2019

There’s nothing quite like the UK festival scene. So as festival season is right around the corner, we’ve put together our 5 favourite boutique festivals. While we all love Glastonbury, the UK has a great offering of independent festivals, all with their own individual flair, that are well worth checking out. So grab your wellies, and your roll-over backpack, and get ready to party the summer away.

Lost Village, Lincolnshire - 22-25 August

Lost Village is a four day extravaganza of electronic, disco and indie music, supplemented with theatre, comedy, food and wellbeing events. All of which is set within a decorated lakeside woodland that contains wooden cabins, a junkyard and an abandoned chapel. In between taking a yoga class or relaxing in the hot tub, you can check out the musical acts that include Maribou State, Richie Hawtin and Little Dragon.

Shindig, Somerset - 23-26 May

Returning for a 5th year, Shindig aspires to feel like a Bank Holiday party with friends, rather than a full-scale festival. It prides itself on being a family friendly festival with workshops for younger attendees including DJing and breakdancing. There’s also a pub, local stalls and smaller performance areas showing off circus and comedy acts. The line up includes Estelle, Huey Morgan and DJ Kenny Dope. Start planning your fancy dress now, this years theme encourages you to ‘Get Fruity’.


Neverworld, Kent - 1-4 August

Pick your tribe; pirates, mermaids or lostboys? Neverworld encourages you to join one for the weekend through fancy dress. This fantasy ‘Peter Pan’ theme runs throughout the site with a sandy beach party arena, a fortress stage, a pirates goldmine rave and Pan’s playground. The festival started life as LeeFest, when Lee Denny held a festival in his backyard when his parents went on holiday - so it has a healthy does of rebellion. The line up is bigger than the others, with the Vaccines and Craig David billed to play.


All About Love, Somerset - 6th June

Now held at one of the UK’s best wild swimming spots, Warleigh Weir, All About Love is the festival for modern day hippies. With a focus on all things natural environment, there are events on alternative therapies and well-being. There are even places where you can learn den and raft building, and of course live music. Last year the festival was threatened with closure due to the amount of litter left behind, so there is a big focus on being environmentally friendly for 2019.


Moovin, Greater Manchester - 23-25 August

Moovin is the feel-good party of 2019. Influenced by the 90’s rave scene, the line up includes Soul II Soul, Morcheeba and Big Daddy Kane. Alongside this are back to back sets from well-known and emerging DJ’s playing funk, soul, house and RnB. Held in Etherow country park, performance spaces include a barn and an open-sided cowshed. With ethically sourced food and cocktails, there are circus and and other theatre performances to keep you entertained all weekend long.