Kovered: Because what you carry is who you are

We believe in sustainability. Recyclability is a minor part of this. For us, this is about societies moving away from consumption-based measures to asset-based measures. Gross domestic product is a measure of consumption, not maximising our enjoyment from the least resources.

For Kovered this means making products that last. Nobody knows what lifetime guarantee means. However, Kovered will provide you a product that will last you your lifetime. If it fails in any way for the rest of your life we will replace it.

Classic designs made from sustainable nature.

Genderless, timeless, multilingual: our bags are true citizens of the world. Designed to go anywhere, anytime, and match everything you wear. Modestly spoken in style, they’re fashion icons that never fail to get noticed.

Sustainable. Ethical. Fair.

These words mean something to us. It is the ethos that drives our small business forward.

About Us

A stitch above the crowd.

We take bag making very seriously and build them in small batches. Then we wax them to protect and cure leather against stiffness. And we inspect each bag before we send it ‘home’ to you. That’s how reputations are made.

New Kovered


Each bag is unique.

No two Kovered bags are the same, except in quality of construction. They are rugged individuals and travel companions you can rely on. In the urban jungle or the countryside when failure’s not an option. You’ll probably covet your Kovered bag for your whole career.


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Think small this Christmas

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Classic, timeless designs.

Kovered bags improve with age; creases enhance their character and scratches add personality. Just as some fashion never goes out of style, classic style never goes out of fashion. Your bag will make an ageless statement without uttering a word.