Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing Details, where are they located?

You can easily find the size and details of every item we have listed. This information is about halfway down the listing description and will include all measurements and weights for the item and any additional detail we can provide, to help you decide on buying the perfect item or gift.

If you are unable to find what you need, please feel free to contact us here via our email: and we will be more than happy to help you.

Custom and Personalised Orders, can I request something?

Currently, we are unable to have any bespoke designs made, as this is a very large undertaking for 1 unit and would not be cost effective and very time sensitive. We wish to keep our costs down as best we can so that we can pass these savings on to our customers and be as competitive as we can.

We do hope that as we grow, more and more options for bespoke services may become available to us. We are experimenting with the possibility of custom engraving on the leather and wooden cases and of course, different materials and colours to be used, however, this is at the very early stages and may take some time to become a reality. If you are a small business and request more than 25 units then please contact us at

My item does not fit, what should I do next?

To make sure you have the correct item for your device or the perfect bag for every occasion, please can you refer to your original order and read the full description of the item you have purchased from us. Here you will find all the details, weights, measurements and special notes on the item to help make sure your order is indeed correct and perfect for your needs.

Can I return my item?

We truly understand we all have a change of mind sometimes and that buying online can sometimes lead to small mistakes in ordering the incorrect item, however, we are here to help you and will happily assist with returning your order.

All items can be returned within 14 days of delivery and exchanges can be sent back within 21 days of delivery.

Please note that any returns must be sent back in the same “New” condition as received, and any damaged items will result in a loss of value on your refund. We also hope you understand that the refund will be for the item returned less any postage costs associated with the order or return.

Feel free to contact us with your order details and we will be happy to help you at

Who pays for the return of my order?

The return of an unwanted item, gift or wrong order is the responsibility of the buyer and we also hope you know that your refund will be for the item you have purchased and does not cover postage fees. Please note the return condition will be taken into account for the refund process and we cannot refund postage costs on unwanted items, unwanted gifts or wrong orders made. 

What if my item gets damaged?

We offer a standard 28-day warranty on all our items and we do take every situation into consideration and check each scenario on a case by case basis, often after the warranty period to see if we can help our amazing customers.

If your item is damaged, feel free to contact us with your order details, a description of your issue and some images to help us understand what may have happened to your item.

We take every situation into consideration and will do our very best to help resolve any concerns you may have if your item becomes damaged.

Feel free to contact us with your order details and we will be happy to help you at

Are your wood phone cases actually made of wood and stone?

Yes, the housing of our phone cases is made using 100% sustainably sourced wood. We use Walnut, Padauk, Bamboo and Zebrawood and select stone material. The wood and stone grain will mean that no two cases are ever the same, so your case will be unique to you.


Will you make other products in the future?

Between us, we’re already working a range of new products from bags through to stands. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter and be the first to know when they’re available. Or if you have an idea, get in touch and tell us about it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We at KOVERED happily accept all major credit cards and also PayPal payments. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal!

What support do you offer?

We offer lifetime help and support for all KOVERED owners, just email us and we’ll get back to you in within 24 hours.

We treat any issues or claims seriously so we handle each one on an individual basis. Cases can go through a lot of wear very quickly depending on your lifestyle. We use the highest-grade materials and the very best manufacturing techniques to bring you a fully tested and durable product. We are confident it will give you trouble-free use for a long time.

I purchased the wrong item; can I cancel my order?

Contact us with 12 hours of purchase and before your item is shipped, where we will be happy to cancel your order for you.

What are people saying about KOVERED?

Our phone cases have attracted quite a lot of media interest, from vloggers to lifestyle magazines. Check out our Press page to find out what they say.