Our responsibility

We sell ethically made products from our base in the UK, but our business ethics go much further. We believe in giving back as we grow, that's why we put timeless design, sustainable materials, and socially responsible practices at the very roots of our business.

Core to our being


We do not seek to over produce to minimise cost. We keep a small range and tight stockholding. Production is measured to ensure no wastage through stock write-off. We prefer to run out of stock than produce too much. 

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Manufacturing partners

We work with a few, close, manufacturing partners in order to ensure traceability and trust within our supply chain. We take pride in the long-term relationships that have enabled shared learning and development in sustainable practices.



We use fully recyclable packaging which minimises our environmental impact and protects your orders in transit. Our current packaging is made of recycled plastic and fully recyclable.


Ensuring sustainability through our products

We use leather residues from tanneries and other manufacturers to ensure no further wastage. Our high-quality brass hardware is suitable to be continuously recycled by melting down. A process that is widely used throughout the world. Also, we ensure our cotton is from recycled sources and every bit of manufactured material is utilised.

Our commitment to continuous improvement


As technology advances we will keep reaching out to new manufacturers doing things differently. If there is a better alternative to the present, we will use it. 


Our worldwide shipping is something we are proud of, whilst recognising the impact on the environment. We ship our bags in 100% recycled packaging and every bag comes with a recyclable tote bag!


This should never be an excuse to ignore better options. We will continue to work with partners in the space whilst recognising the need for a root cause solution. 

Be part of the change

Dee - 100% Recycled Drawstring Backpack Trent - 100% Recycled 32L Holdall

ReKovered Collection

Join us and be part of the change

Taking steps towards a more positive future, our ReKovered collection is made out of 100% recycled materials.

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Bluesign® approved

Bluesign® guarantees a safe and clean environment without compromising on quality. This reduces the negative effects on the environment by ensuring only smart chemicals are used. Each year energy and water is saved plus a daily reduction in the carbon footprint.

ReKovered Collection

Recycled claim standards

The RCS is used as a logical sequence of gathering evidence to track recycled raw materials through the supply chain. The goal of this is to increase the use of recycled materials. All our products devised from recycled materials meet the RCS standards.

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Global recycled standards

Originally developed in 2008, the GRS set requirements for third-party certification of recycled content. By meeting these standards, we confirm that our recycled material has been inspected and recorded at each stage of the recycling process.