6 jaw dropping Airbnb tree-houses you can actually stay in.

6 jaw dropping Airbnb tree-houses you can actually stay in.

Sleepovers in a tree-house are no longer just ideas of youthful fantasy. We’ve put together our top picks of tree houses you can actually stay in to escape into nature and fulfill all your childhood dreams. There's a place suited for every type of adventure, so pack up your roll top rucksack and get going. Some of them are so high up, you’ll feel like you could actually touch the stars you’re sleeping under.

  1. This Private Italian Cabin

Sleeping two, this romantic cabin offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding Italian hills.  Suspended above a lush garden filled with cedars, magnolias and hollies, you can relax in nature. This tree house prides itself on being eco-friendly - the perfect spot for to take your ethical luggage on its first trip. Moreover, If you also like some 5* luxury every now and then, there is an attached mansion house complete with swimming pool you can use.

  1. This Balinese Paradise

View the stunning island of Bali from above the trees, in this beautiful one bedroom tree house. Afterall, can you really say that you’ve experienced the lush jungle if you haven’t slept surrounded by it. The stunning tree house decor is perfect for that Instagram post - our heritage style backpacks will look right at home. There is even an onsite pool you can take advantage of, if you can bring yourself to climb back down to reality.

  1. This Rustic Canadian hide-away.

This tree house looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Sleeping 5, it's perfect for adventurous group and family trips away. The balconies even come decked out with a roped bridge - so you can feel like a pirate and fulfill that other childhood dream. It also comes with an outdoor hot tub, for you to relax in while you enjoy the incredible Canadian mountain scenes around you.

  1. This Multi-Level Thai Escape

This extremely tall tree house was lovingly built by a retired architect, so you can rest assured its sturdy whilst giving you all the best views of Thailand. Surrounded by teakwood forests, the tree house comes with an outdoor shower, which you can use without the fear of being overlooked, as no one will be peaking on you that high up. To top it off, the impressive deck area comes with a wooden swing - it’ll make you feel on top of the world (literally).  

  1. This Animal Lovers Dream   

This beautifully handcrafted treehouse lies within a 35-acre rainforest - meaning you can take in the gorgeous views of Costa-Rica whilst you enjoy the peace and quiet. Well till the rain starts to fall, but with our waxed cotton backpacks you can relax and enjoy the incredible storms, knowing everything’s protected. You might chose to make friends with some of your animals neighbours, Howler Monkeys have been known to come up onto the amazing wrap-around balcony. It does come with word of warning though, the tree house does shake in high winds, so probably not for the faint hearted.

  1. This Picturesque City Pad

Recently named Airbnb’s most wish-listed property in the world, we may have saved the best till last with this American dream. Located in the heart of Atlanta but completely secluded by Nature, it’s perfect if you like city breaks but also want time to relax away from all the hustle and bustle. Built around a 150 year old tree, this treehouse has a magical feel thanks to the fairy lights, rope bridges and balconies overlooking a stream. Definitely unlike any other city break you will ever have.

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