Care & Protect: How to look after your KOVERED luggage

Care & Protect: How to look after your KOVERED luggage

We’ve all been caught out in a storm at some point in our lives, whether on a mountain, waiting for the bus or just caught out in the rain. We’ve now sold nearly 5,000 of our bags constantly get ask how to protect our bags for life's adventures.

How do we make our Kovered bags “adventure proof”?

Prior to arriving at the workshop for final preparation, we have ensured our ethically designed items have been meticulously checked (and re-checked), and that each bag has reached the Kovered standard. Once it arrives in the workshop we carry out a series of finishes which were chosen to stand the test of time over alternatives on the market.

Our approach is:

  1. Re-check/inspect and test each of the zips, buttons, pockets and straps to ensure we are happy to let one of our products represent the finish we have set (durability/style/elegance) before moving to the next stages.
  2. We then apply Renapur with a clean sponge to treat and protect all the reclaimed leather. Renapur was chosen based upon great research for natural treatment with protection and nutritional results and provides that vintage look, whilst smelling awesome!
  3. After letting the Renapur soak into the leather, we then splash proof the bags with Scotchguard a final water-resistant treatment to help protect your bag from all the elements.
  4. We let the Renapur dry before testing. You can see what happens when water comes into contact with the bag…like water off of a duck’s back
  5. We then proceed to our branding machine which heats up to 250 degrees and after branding we retreat the leather in the area once again ready for packaging in our unique style ready for shipping. 

How do I care for my bag at home?

We recommend that you clean, treat and replenish the leather on the bag every 4-6 months, following this simple guide:

  1. Wipe the bag externally using a damp jay cloth or sponge to remove dirt / grit or other materials. Then unzip all pockets, and gently remove the internal lining from the bag. Once exposed repeat the first part of this process.
  2. Once the bag is cleaned, apply a small portion of Renapur to a clean dry sponge and work the wax into the leather before leaving it to dry. Ensure all the leather is treated to the desired level.
  3. Ensure the bag is hung up outside or in a dry area and returned to a normal state.
  4. Allow the bag to dry fully for 2 - 4 hours or until dry, then spray the entire bag with the Scotchguard lightly coating it.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions over the processes we use to produce the Kovered quality, we would love to hear from you at

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