How to pack for your trip using hand luggage only.

How to pack for your trip using hand luggage only.

We’ve all been there - you finally find flights that don’t break the bank, only to find that the price is for hand luggage only.

Travelling with hand luggage only has so many positives; the lack of extra costs, getting out of the airport faster and the freedom to travel from place to place with just the bag on your back. However, it can feel daunting to go away with just a small bag, especially if you’re used to taking everything and the kitchen sink with you. So to help you out we’ve put together our top packing tips for travelling with just your rucksack.

1. Have the right hand luggage!

The first rule of hand luggage travel is to use a soft sided case. Soft sides allow you to squeeze in far more than a hard case will, as well as being more comfortable to carry. For the ideal travel companion our waxed leather backbacks make perfect carry-ons. The Tyne Foldover and the Taw Rollover are two of our best.

2. Choose a minimalist wardrobe

Don’t take multiples of clothing. It’s tempting to feel like you need a pair of underwear for every day you’re away (if not more), when actually the majority of hotels, airbnbs, hostels, etc, come with clothes washing facilities now. Stick to the rule of 3 - 1 item to wear, 1 in the wash and 1 drying.

3. Wear the bulk

Jumpers, walking boots, coats - they may be necessary for your trip, but they are bulky items that you just don’t have room for in your bag. If you need them, wear them in the airport. If it gets too much you can always take them off when you’re on the plane.

4. Roll it up! Or use packing cubes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is the tip you see from all travel bloggers, and with good reason. It’ll save spaces and help prevent creases. If you don’t want to roll - invest in some packing cubes which will also help you stay organsied. You can also use them to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

5. Fill that dead space

Store your underwear in your shoes, put light t-shirts inside pockets - wherever you can find space fill it!

6. Streamline your entertainment

Whatever your preferred form of travel entertainment, you’re going to need something to pass that dead time while travelling. The trick is to download it all onto one electronic device. Bulky books, or multiple devices (which all come with their own charging cable), will just take up more room.

7. EDIT!

Once you’ve packed, unpack and lay it all out in front of you. Then be ruthless and edit! We promise you wont need everything you’re trying to take. Only take the necessities, any ‘just in-case’ items aren’t needed. You want some space for souvenirs after all!

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