Kovered Insight: Are waxed cotton bags water repellant?

Kovered Insight: Are waxed cotton bags water repellant?

We often get asked “are your waxed cotton backpacks water repellant ” or “ I’m heading away for the weekend are you bags water repellent" The answer is YES, and so too are our holdalls..

In our terms and conditions (the boring bit) we market them as “splash proof” not “waterproof” for the very simple fact, no normal luggage is built to be waterproof, unless were talking about a dry bag… thats a different league!

Whats the history?

We’re a team of weekend explorers, we couldn’t find a stylish ethical multi purpose backpack for leisure and work, so we set about pivoting the brand. From the hand me down culture of Barbour, our waxed cotton provides timeless rugged appeal and practicality. 

We’ve worked hard over the years to perfect the way water reacts when it collides with our reclaimed fabric. Most cotton and waxed cotton luggage suppliers tend to avoid this question, but we say bring it on!

How do we do it?

Well, that would be giving away a company secret, but what we can say is, each bag or holdall is treated before it leaves the workshop aswell as in production. The water repellant technology we use works with the fabric to repel water just like “water off a ducks back”. 

The Results?

Check it. For light to medium exposure to splashes the Kovered range stands up to the task. We dont advise long term exposure and thoroughly recommend drying properly after use. See our care guide for further details.





If you need any more proof or want to know anything else about our finishing process, get in touch via askkovered@kovered.co.uk