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Sustainable Fashion: The Movers & Shakers 2018

Sustainable Fashion: The Movers & Shakers 2018

Sustainable Fashion Brands: The Movers & Shakers

The sustainable fashion brands you need to know……

We love finding examples of fashion brands that have integrated sustainability into their core being. As an ethical brand ourselves, we take inspiration from the growing number of innovators shaking up the fashion world with responsibly sourced materials, creative design and a whole new approach to making ethical businesses work.

We thought we’d take a look at some of the great work being done in the specific areas of reuse, recycle and repurpose – our own personal mantra. All these brands have a fantastic story to tell and we’re happy to spread the word. So here is our go-to list of the eco fashion brands you should know about:

Sustainable fashion brands reinventing the term ‘reuse’

One of our favourite ethical clothing brands, Patagonia is doing groundbreaking work in this area. Recognising that the one single thing we can do for the planet is to keep reusing stuff for longer, they decided to help people care for and repair their Patagonia clothes. We applaud them for launching their repair service Worn Wear on Black Friday, the consumer shopping bonanza, with a festival-inspired roadshow to celebrate stories of the clothes we already own.


Patagonia also work with one of the largest garment manufacturers in the world to reuse the cotton scraps that would end up in landfill. The leftovers from 16 virgin cotton shirts can be turned into one reclaimed cotton shirt – that’s a lot of resources saved from reusing scrap material. Their groundbreaking short video about the supply chain can be found here.

Recycled materials: no compromise for these eco fashion brands

These two examples are proof, if it were needed, that using recycled materials does not mean compromising on style, design and quality.

California-based Vitamin A’s bikini ranges are worn by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna. While they are all about figure-flattering sexy, sun-kissed California beauty, they want to beautify the beach in more ways than one – by lightening their environmental footprint. They use a new EcoLux™ matte superfine jersey made with recycled nylon fibre to conserve precious resources and provide the figure-hugging, quality fit they need.

ECOALF recycles fishing nets into stylish backpacks and plastic bottles into high-performance waterproof coats. Set up in 2012 by Spanish environmental entrepreneur Javier Goyeneche, they’re on a mission to create the first generation of recycled products with the same attention to quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products in the market. To make sure this happens to their exacting standards, the ECOALF team manages the whole process from waste collection to recycling technologies, manufacture, design and retail.

Source- Ecolaf

Ethical clothing brands repurposing materials

Here we have two great examples of how repurposing a material not normally used in garments can make clothing more sustainable.

Rapanui started making socks and t-shirts out of bamboo because of its potential for sustainability. Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides, fertilisers or even that much water. It is simply the fastest growing, high yield, low input crop in the world. The softness of the resulting material has proved a winner with customers, their bamboo t-shirts and tops are bestsellers.


Wool has been used in clothing for years but British wool fell out of favour, and perfectly good fleeces were being thrown away. Thankfully that’s changing thanks to brands like Finisterre who have pioneered a unique supply chain of merino wool from a British flock. The fleeces are now spun in Yorkshire and dyed and knitted in Scotland. A fleece repurposed into a super soft, beautiful jumper as part of a local, sustainable supply chain – what’s not to love?

Source– Finnistere

Do you know of other ethical fashion brands to add to our list? We take inspiration from the leaders around us and continue to innovate towards our first sustainability accreditation.

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June 08, 2018 — rupert samuel
KOVERED: The Story So Far......

KOVERED: The Story So Far......

Kovered the story so far….

Its fair to say, its taken a while to get back online, but we are excited to be back and hope that you agree…..

Before Kovered….

We started as a two man team back in summer 2013, born on the edge of the Cotswolds, we always felt a strong connection with nature and the Great Outdoors. Combine that with a lust for tech, adventure and a dose of the great outdoors and you end up with the Kovered vision.

At the time, sustainability consultant (Matt) had become disillusioned with being hired to help greenwash the image of companies with no genuine concern for the environment.  The other half, Jase, (an avid traveller) and customer service guru decided that it was time to give the adventurer of entrepreneurism a go!  Together we knew there was more out there than 9-5, so we made the logical step, to offer sustainable, tech centric accessories with an attention to detail unlike anything else on the market.


After noticing how friends and family had becoming disconnected from nature in our tech centric lives, we thought it was about time we brought natural, ethically sourced and tasteully crafted design to the consumer accessories market. We were shocked by the lack of natural durable materials and toxic “disposable” options. It wasn’t an easy task by any means…. it meant that we had a number of failed lines and many hours of research. But in the end, we launched our humble tribal themed range and the journey began!


Is it a good time to strike it alone?

Either you’re comfortable being employed or you think you can credibly make a difference as your own boss. We aren’t saying going it alone is for everyone, but for us it’s about problem solving, spending downtime outdoors and hopefully engaging people around the concept of sustainability. But we don’t really see ourselves as alone. We are trying to build an element of social inclusion and involvement into Kovered. There’s a wealth of talent that pours out from uni’s and colleges across the country each year which is often lost to other industries and never comes to light. We want to get designers, entrepreneurs, and ideas people onboard as we grow. None of what we have created would have happened without support and advice from other likeminded souls and the skills of our talented friends like Yandi and Pia Schiele photography.

Which challenges have you faced?

Everyday we face a challenge, but that’s part of the journey, right? There has been a particularly steep learning curve over the past 3 years, to a level of detail we never thought imaginable. One of the biggest challenges is keeping in line with our sustainability pillar whilst maintaining the desired level of quality. But we are making sure things are solid on this front from the bottom up, even if it takes us a little longer. We’re often balancing crazy ideas like fully compostable organic packaging with practical things like, postage and protection. It’s hard adapting to the evolution of the business while maintaining our original ethos and goals, but stick with us and we’ll pull out some pioneering and original ideas!

What’s new?

Skip forward 3 years, lots of lessons and a whole load of adventure…… we are now launching our new website and range of 2017 tech accessories along with bespoke branding service. We’ve also added a new partners to team, from designers who brings a decade of design experience from a world leading UK brands, and marketing agents to grow the brand into wholesale partners globally. 

Watch this space….