a man walking down the street with our medway waxed canvas messenger satchel baga man walking down the street with our medway waxed canvas messenger satchel bag


A woman walking down the road wearing our Tamar Backpack made from reclaimed leatherA man stood under a bridge wearing the Tamar in tan made with reclaimed leather

The Perfect

a man with our tan taw waxed canvas rolltop backpack next to a lake in the UKWomen looking at a castle in a field wearing the taw tan waxed canvas rolltop backpack

Ethical. Fair.

a man holding our torridge holdall in brown made from waxed canvasa dog sitting behind our humber in tan which is made from waxed canvas and reclaimed leather on a road in the Scottish mountains


Because what you carry is who you are

Recyclability is a minor part of this. For us, this is about societies moving away from consumption-based measures to asset-based measures. Gross domestic product is a measure of consumption, not maximising our enjoyment from the least resources.

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Sustainable. Ethical. Fair.
Built to last

For Kovered this means making products that last. Nobody knows what a lifetime guarantee means. However, Kovered will provide you with a product that will last you your lifetime. If it fails in any way for the rest of your life we will replace it.

a man making our kovered waxed canvas bags

Legends are not born, they are crafted.

Arrow - 100% Recycled Nylon BackpackTrent - 100% Recycled Nylon HoldallDee - 100% Recycled Nylon Backpack

Brand new

ReKovered Collection

Made from 100% recycled material, the ReKovered collection is our most sustainable collection yet.

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a man taking a picture on his phone from a rooftop in London wearing the Kovered taw tan waxed canvas rolltop backpack

Classic designs made from sustainable nature.

Genderless, timeless, multilingual: our bags are true citizens of the world. Designed to go anywhere, anytime, and match everything you wear. Modestly spoken in style, they’re fashion icons that never fail to get noticed.

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Timeless designs

Kovered bags improve with age; creases enhance their character and scratches add personality. Just as some fashion never goes out of style, classic style never goes out of fashion. Your backpack, messenger bag or holdall will make an ageless statement without uttering a word.

A view looking through trees in a forestA view looking through trees in a forest

Take the roads less travelled

From Commuter to Traveller