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5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business

5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business

5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business


It goes without saying that the high street is in a dire state of disrepair (depending on which news channel you follow). With the latest news on highstreet chain House of Fraser how can shopping local help fight off a dramatic change to the way we interact in cities and towns?


Whether you're a shopping addict or purposeful shopper, high street retail is undergoing the largest change since the rise of commercialism in the 1900s. From the way we shop, to the location we transact, times are changing …. Fast. Its estimated that over 50% of gifts for Christmas 17/18 were bought online with 1/5 bought on Amazon alone. These stats sound great. A prosperous economic gain for all those involved….. or not?! Offline retail and consumer spending has actually slowed in Europe suggesting one thing….. the rise of the internet / ecommcerce and all things online!


With this rise though comes significant impact according to industry watchdogs. Not only will our high streets change, friends & family loose jobs but generations of stories, collections and individual tastes disappear. In light of this we’ve shortlisted our reasons for supporting independent retailers by rolling out our retail model and incentivized reasons to shop local.


  1. Supporting Local Entrepreneurs, Creative and Out of the Box Thinkers…
  • Buying from an independent supports and entrepreneur who decided to offer something different, take a risk and step outside the box
  • Creative entrepreneurs have a unique and bespoke approach, by shopping local you help innovate fashion, trends and handcrafts
  • Main of these people are centered around ethical practices and give back to the community


  1. Relationship building
  • Independent boutique owners are curators, by supporting a local shop your buying into years of experience, taste and on trend fashion vision
  • Decisions made to stock items are based around the market need, customer demands and expressionism
  • Repeat business often leads to personalized rewards and spin of opportunities


  1. Exclusive trends, styles and expression
  • Collections in independent stores are often full of unique, limited run lines only found locally
  • Independent boutiques are driven by referrals and request… straight from the customer base


  1. More than a shop…. Its about the experience
  • Whether it's the unique visual merchandise or quirky layout, an independent store is much more than online webpage
  • Shopping locally allows the customer to see spin off collections and upsells which an algorithm wouldn't be able to match


  1. The multiplier effect (why your money goes further)
  • An independent store and owner is not the same as a corporate CEO or MD, shopping local helps shape the future lines and way the high street operates across the country
  • Purchasing local helps with keeping local people employed and reinvest in other local businesses


We’re proud to be launching our Independent Partner Pack for Autumn 2018 which allows independent brands, market stall owners and fashionistas to access our collection at wholesale rates with the chance for exclusive fabric linings / bespoke finishes individual to their business.

If you're an independent store owner, retailer or influencer, we would love to discuss the options available.

For more information contact us via and arrange a call with one of our co-founders.

KOVERED: The Story So Far......

KOVERED: The Story So Far......

Kovered the story so far….

Its fair to say, its taken a while to get back online, but we are excited to be back and hope that you agree…..

Before Kovered….

We started as a two man team back in summer 2013, born on the edge of the Cotswolds, we always felt a strong connection with nature and the Great Outdoors. Combine that with a lust for tech, adventure and a dose of the great outdoors and you end up with the Kovered vision.

At the time, sustainability consultant (Matt) had become disillusioned with being hired to help greenwash the image of companies with no genuine concern for the environment.  The other half, Jase, (an avid traveller) and customer service guru decided that it was time to give the adventurer of entrepreneurism a go!  Together we knew there was more out there than 9-5, so we made the logical step, to offer sustainable, tech centric accessories with an attention to detail unlike anything else on the market.


After noticing how friends and family had becoming disconnected from nature in our tech centric lives, we thought it was about time we brought natural, ethically sourced and tasteully crafted design to the consumer accessories market. We were shocked by the lack of natural durable materials and toxic “disposable” options. It wasn’t an easy task by any means…. it meant that we had a number of failed lines and many hours of research. But in the end, we launched our humble tribal themed range and the journey began!


Is it a good time to strike it alone?

Either you’re comfortable being employed or you think you can credibly make a difference as your own boss. We aren’t saying going it alone is for everyone, but for us it’s about problem solving, spending downtime outdoors and hopefully engaging people around the concept of sustainability. But we don’t really see ourselves as alone. We are trying to build an element of social inclusion and involvement into Kovered. There’s a wealth of talent that pours out from uni’s and colleges across the country each year which is often lost to other industries and never comes to light. We want to get designers, entrepreneurs, and ideas people onboard as we grow. None of what we have created would have happened without support and advice from other likeminded souls and the skills of our talented friends like Yandi and Pia Schiele photography.

Which challenges have you faced?

Everyday we face a challenge, but that’s part of the journey, right? There has been a particularly steep learning curve over the past 3 years, to a level of detail we never thought imaginable. One of the biggest challenges is keeping in line with our sustainability pillar whilst maintaining the desired level of quality. But we are making sure things are solid on this front from the bottom up, even if it takes us a little longer. We’re often balancing crazy ideas like fully compostable organic packaging with practical things like, postage and protection. It’s hard adapting to the evolution of the business while maintaining our original ethos and goals, but stick with us and we’ll pull out some pioneering and original ideas!

What’s new?

Skip forward 3 years, lots of lessons and a whole load of adventure…… we are now launching our new website and range of 2017 tech accessories along with bespoke branding service. We’ve also added a new partners to team, from designers who brings a decade of design experience from a world leading UK brands, and marketing agents to grow the brand into wholesale partners globally. 

Watch this space….