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Backpack or Messenger bag: Which is right for you?

Backpack or Messenger bag: Which is right for you?

It can be difficult to work out which style of bag is the right one for you. This decisions usually boils down to Backpack or Messenger bag. We’ve delved into the details of each to help you make the right choice based on what you need.

May 28, 2019 — Rupert Samuel
Top 10 Essential Festival Items.

Top 10 Essential Festival Items.

It is officially festival season! Our last blog on the best boutique festivals in the UK has got us excited for the summer. So we’ve pulled together all the essential festival gear you need. This way, all you need to worry about is creating amazing summer memories.
May 16, 2019 — Rupert Samuel
5 of the best Boutique UK Music Festivals for 2019

5 of the best Boutique UK Music Festivals for 2019

There’s nothing quite like the UK festival scene. So as festival season is right around the corner, we’ve put together our 5 favourite boutique festivals. While we all love Glastonbury, the UK has a great offering of independent festivals, all with their own individual flair, that are well worth checking out. So grab your wellies, and your roll-over backpack, and get ready to party the summer away.

April 27, 2019 — Team KOVERED
How to go plastic free with your toiletries.

How to go plastic free with your toiletries.

Here at Kovered, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly business. However, being environmentally friendly when it comes to travel isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s good to start small - so we’ve put together our top tips for creating a plastic free toiletries bag.


First off, you need to ditch all of those plastic bottles which means swapping from shower gel to ‘old-fashioned’ bars of soap. Bars of soap might be something you haven’t used in years, but actually they’re still easy to find - you just need to look in the right place. There are loads of lovely smelling soaps on the market that are natural and plastic free. Some of our favourites are UK based Friendly Soaps and Wild Sage + Co. If a soap bar just isn’t for you, Lush have a ‘naked shower gel’ which essentially shower gel without the plastic bottle.


Unlike soap, solid shampoo is still somewhat of a niche product, unless you know where to look. Lush do a fantastic range of solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and have different options to suit many types of hair. As a bonus they’re all also 100% natural and chemical free. Lush also provide a perfectly sized metal tin for your bar, to keep it (and your other toiletries) protected. Other options are, again Friendly Soaps and Solidu have cornered the market with an even more extensive natural range than Lush.


Solid deodorant is easy to find, but solid deodorant without the plastic packaging? Not so much. Most travellers know the trick of using tea-tree oil to stay fresh when camping, but in really hot climates this may not hack it. Luckily Kutis Skincare has a great range of solid deodorant in biodegradable packaging. You just have to push the stick out and back into its tube for each use. And again, Lush offer a package free solid bar.


Solid, plastic free moisturisers are much rarer to find than the other toiletries we’ve talked about so far. However, just because you have more limited options, doesn’t mean they’re bad options. Lush do a moisturising bar for the body and face. If  you’re looking for one that will help you after a shave Glasgow based M. V. Kingston have a great range of solid colognes that also work as an after-shave balm.


Talking of shaving - you might also need to look for a razor that doesnt have a plastic handle, as well as shaving foam to help you. Friendly soaps offer up a shaving bar that gives off more foam than you could imagine from a tiny little bar. As for plastic free razors, that much easier. Standard Razors have a great aluminum razor with replacement steel blades you can buy on the high street. You can also buy a plastic free shaving kit from Naked Necessities. It comes complete a wooden-handled razor and 5 replaceable blades allin 100% recyclable packaging.


Just like shampoo and conditioners toothbrushes and toothpaste come hand in hand. Bamboo toothbrushes have been popping up everywhere the last few years, and make a great plastic free option. Bristle UK do a range of toothbrushes and come in packs of 4 - enough to last you all year. As for toothpaste, Georganics do a spearmint coconut oil toothpaste that is dentist approved. It can take a little getting used to though, as its non-foaming. It also comes in a glass container, which you can reuse each time you buy the paste.


A necessity when travelling! Once again, Lush come to the rescue with a solid sun cream bar that has 30SPF protection and is available packaging free. If you’re looking to tan you can get a solid tanning bar from Ethique, which give you protection and a little more glow on your skin.


As you probably know makeup wipes take years to degrade down and often end up in the oceans due to the plastic in them. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any plastic free, or solid makeup remover on the market. The best option currently seem to be removable makeup wipes like the cloths from Marley’s Monsters. You do have to add make-up remover to them, but they are re-useable and recyclable when they time comes to replace them.

April 14, 2019 — Team KOVERED
How to pack for your trip using hand luggage only.

How to pack for your trip using hand luggage only.

Want the freedom of travelling with just a backpack, but worried about fitting everything you need in? We've put together our top hand luggage packing tips to help you out.
April 01, 2019 — Team KOVERED
6 jaw dropping Airbnb tree-houses you can actually stay in.

6 jaw dropping Airbnb tree-houses you can actually stay in.

Do you want to take the ultimate adventure? We've put together out top tree-house picks from Airbnb, so you can get to know the world from a new perspective!
March 16, 2019 — Rupert Samuel
Kovered Insight: Are waxed cotton bags water repellant?

Kovered Insight: Are waxed cotton bags water repellant?

We often get asked “are your waxed cotton backpacks water repellant ” or “ I’m heading away for the weekend are you bags water repellent". The answer is YES, and so too are our holdalls…. not so much with our phone cases…..or stands.

Read more for further details on what to expect from our ethical luggage range of backpacks, holdalls and overshoulders.

4 minute read.

February 01, 2019 — Team KOVERED
What’s new ? The Autumn Winter Collection by KOVERED

What’s new ? The Autumn Winter Collection by KOVERED

The clocks have rolled on back in the UK and so too have the temperatures. The “longest” summer in 40 years might have faded away, but what’s new with KOVERED and what’s worth a visit in the new collection?

Here’s a condensed guide to the latest collection available online.

 For starters we’ve launched a range of new lines, two backpack range, two overshoulder bags, one universal laptop stand and two new phone cases styles…. to be precise.


Whether your an urban explorer, digital nomand or backpack enthusiast.. our latest range of upcycled ethically hand finished bags are now live. We’ve made a few adjustments based on our tribes Feedback (thank you to all 10,000+ of you now wearing one of our bags).

Key New Features

  • New clasp connectors for easy access
  • Improved magnetic button connectors for strength and durability
  • Increased waterproofing and leather treatment finishes (further details here)
  • Extra pockets and clip points for re usable waterbottles / tech / life stuff!

Overshoulder Luggage
It’s the rerun of the long awaited laptop overshoulder with adjustable and removed straps, all our designs are 100% unisex and we support this in all our practices. Our new overshoulder range includes two styles. The main difference is portability and pockets with the Medway bag suiting the those looking for extra pockets and storage space.

 Key Features

  • Light or Full options depending on the application
  • Can fit up to 17” laptop in Full version
  • Adjustable and removable overshoulder strap for hand carrying
  • Durable multi zip and extra pockets for all your “stuff”

Universal Laptop Stand

Our new ultra thin travel laptop stand is a breakaway from the usual accessories. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo the ergonomic design allows for functions and portability . Weighting under 400grams we wanted to launch something which allows easy set up whilst remaining minimal.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight at under 350grams
  2. 100% ethically sourced bamboo
  3. Universal fit with pre set engineered height to reduce back strain (no medical advice given!)
  4. Folds away into ultra thin <10mm thickness

Snap-on Phone Cases 

Back to our roots! It was time we launched a new material in a fully recyclabled PUC shell case. We’ve worked for 2 years on the design and finish bringing a real stone material with style to the mass market. After 18 months of trials and tests, we’re proud to launch. Watch this space for spin of ranges from this unique 3M backed material.

Key Features

1.Ultra lightweight and durable

  1. Unique styling made from REAL yes REAL stone
  2. Shock and scratch proof shell built for life’s adventures 

We’re also pleased to announce that in Spring 2019 we have some big news and a release regarding our forthcoming Crowdfunding project. Sign up to our seasonal mailing list here to keep in the loop and register for exclusive pre sale and tester products.

Thanks for the support so far

Kind Regards,

Team Kovered

December 04, 2018 — Team KOVERED
5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business

5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business

5 Reasons To Shop Local & Support Independent Business


It goes without saying that the high street is in a dire state of disrepair (depending on which news channel you follow). With the latest news on highstreet chain House of Fraser how can shopping local help fight off a dramatic change to the way we interact in cities and towns?


Whether you're a shopping addict or purposeful shopper, high street retail is undergoing the largest change since the rise of commercialism in the 1900s. From the way we shop, to the location we transact, times are changing …. Fast. Its estimated that over 50% of gifts for Christmas 17/18 were bought online with 1/5 bought on Amazon alone. These stats sound great. A prosperous economic gain for all those involved….. or not?! Offline retail and consumer spending has actually slowed in Europe suggesting one thing….. the rise of the internet / ecommcerce and all things online!


With this rise though comes significant impact according to industry watchdogs. Not only will our high streets change, friends & family loose jobs but generations of stories, collections and individual tastes disappear. In light of this we’ve shortlisted our reasons for supporting independent retailers by rolling out our retail model and incentivized reasons to shop local.


  1. Supporting Local Entrepreneurs, Creative and Out of the Box Thinkers…
  • Buying from an independent supports and entrepreneur who decided to offer something different, take a risk and step outside the box
  • Creative entrepreneurs have a unique and bespoke approach, by shopping local you help innovate fashion, trends and handcrafts
  • Main of these people are centered around ethical practices and give back to the community


  1. Relationship building
  • Independent boutique owners are curators, by supporting a local shop your buying into years of experience, taste and on trend fashion vision
  • Decisions made to stock items are based around the market need, customer demands and expressionism
  • Repeat business often leads to personalized rewards and spin of opportunities


  1. Exclusive trends, styles and expression
  • Collections in independent stores are often full of unique, limited run lines only found locally
  • Independent boutiques are driven by referrals and request… straight from the customer base


  1. More than a shop…. Its about the experience
  • Whether it's the unique visual merchandise or quirky layout, an independent store is much more than online webpage
  • Shopping locally allows the customer to see spin off collections and upsells which an algorithm wouldn't be able to match


  1. The multiplier effect (why your money goes further)
  • An independent store and owner is not the same as a corporate CEO or MD, shopping local helps shape the future lines and way the high street operates across the country
  • Purchasing local helps with keeping local people employed and reinvest in other local businesses


We’re proud to be launching our Independent Partner Pack for Autumn 2018 which allows independent brands, market stall owners and fashionistas to access our collection at wholesale rates with the chance for exclusive fabric linings / bespoke finishes individual to their business.

If you're an independent store owner, retailer or influencer, we would love to discuss the options available.

For more information contact us via and arrange a call with one of our co-founders.

Care & Protect: How to look after your KOVERED luggage

Care & Protect: How to look after your KOVERED luggage

We’ve all been caught out in a storm at some point in our lives, whether on a mountain, waiting for the bus or just caught out in the rain. We’ve now sold nearly 3000 of our techcentric bags or holdall and constantly get ask how we protect our bags for the lifes adventures.

How do we make our Kovered bags “adventure proof”?

Prior to arriving at the workshop for final preparation, we have ensured our ethically designed items have been meticulously checked (and re-checked) that each bag / backpack or case has reached the Kovered standard. Once it arrives in the workshop we carry out a series of finishes which were chosen to stand the test of time over alternatives on the market.

Our approach is:

  1. Re-check / inspect and test each of the zips, buttons, pockets and straps to ensure we are happy to let one of our products represent the finish we have set (durability / style / elegance) before moving to the next stages.
  1. We then apply Renapur with a clean sponge to treat and protect all the reclaimed leather. Renapur was chosen based upon great research for natural treatment with protection and nutritional results and provides that vintage look, whilst smelling awesome!
  1. After letting the Renapur soak into the leather, we then splash proof the bags with Scotchguard a final water-resistant treatment to help protect your bag from all the elements.
  1. We let the Renapur dry before testing. You can see what happens when water comes into contact with the bag…like water off of a duck’s back
  1. We then proceed to our branding machine which heats up to 250 degrees and after branding we retreat the leather in the area once again ready for packaging in our unique style ready for shipping. 

How do I care for my bag at home?

We recommend that you clean, treat and replenish the leather on the bag every 4-6 months, following this simple guide:

  1. Wipe the bag externally using a damp jay cloth or sponge to remove dirt / grit or other materials. Then unzip all pockets, and gently remove the internal lining from the bag. Once exposed repeat the first part of this process.
  1. Once the bag is cleaned, apply a small portion of Renapur to a clean dry sponge and work the wax into the leather before leaving it to dry. Ensure all the leather is treated to the desired level.
  1. Ensure the bag is hung up outside or in a dry area and returned to a normal state.
  2. Allow the bag to dry fully for 2 - 4 hours or until dry, then spray the entire bag with the Scotchguard lightly coating it.


If you have any questions, queries or suggestions over the processes we use to produce the Kovered quality, we would love to hear from you at

June 08, 2018 — rupert samuel